Porn is now more easily available than ever before, on the web and the tv, via your PC, tablet or phone, as well as the traditional top-shelf magazines and lads mags. Easy to access, porn is addictive, corrupting and exploitative. In this book Nathan Ferreira describes his own addiction to porn, which brought him to the edge of despair and suicide, his rescue from it and the steps he takes to maintain his freedom. Gerald Coates brings a wealth of pastoral experience to the book, teaching how to be set free from enslavement to pornography and into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

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An interview between Nathan and Gerald from CLC Portsmouth’s ‘Porn Sunday’.

Steve Franks’ story.

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ISBN: 978 1 905991 82 2

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We hope that the book helps to equip you with the tools needed to break free and stay free, however sometimes the problems we face are bigger and more complex to deal with and may need either some time talking it through with a mentor, or you may feel the need to talk to a professional.

Below we have linked a few resources such as accountability websites and other organisations that try to help in the same way that we hope our book does. If you would like some help in finding a professional or you feel you need to talk to someone please email

List of accountability/filtering resources suggested by others:
X3 watch
Covenant eyes
Accountability Forum – Last Man Standing
Free filtering service – Open DNS
Naked Truth Blog – Open Eyes – Free Lives

For a thorough list See Here.